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View Diary: Warning: 'Fracking' rock to extract gas causes earthquakes. But how big? (120 comments)

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    Don't think of this as a conspiracy theory but as a Hollywood movie plot pitch.

    Currently, there is a big fight going on over fracking in Wyoming. While the biggest part of the controversy is about the contamination of groundwater sources (and probably rightfully so) can you think of something else that Wyoming is famous for?

    Yellowstone National Park covers part of Wyoming and two other nearby states.

    The area that it sits on is a caldera and part of an area subject to super volcano activity where seismic activity is a common occurrence with earthquakes often coming in swarms.

    So, the plot goes like this. The need for energy outweighs the environmental concerns and fracking goes ahead in Wyoming.

    There are already active faults in the area. What happens when fracking creates numerous more and they join up with the pre-existing ones ? What happens when the already numerous smal earthquakes that are normally occurring are joined by man made ones in an area that is subject to super volcanos?

    Far fetched? Yup. That's what makes it perfect for Hollywood. That, plus the fact that it's basically a remake of previous disaster movies with the details updated.

    Wall Street: Too big to fail and too big to jail.

    by dotsright on Wed Dec 14, 2011 at 02:35:26 PM PST

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