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View Diary: Obama on the Economy: 'We Didn't Know How Bad It Was' (300 comments)

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    whether the possibility of "just ask for everything" would have worked, but that does not mean he "doesn't know how to negotiate" because he didn't pursue that tactic.  Congress is under no obligation to pass a stimulus bill, believe it or not.  Clinton tried one in 1993 and got rejected.  If I'm one of those four senators and the President comes in with a demand I consider ridiculous, i don't say, wow the problem is really bad (which Krugman imagines would happen), i laugh.  Now, this would not make me a very good senator, but the four i mentioned are/were not very good senators, and that's not even mentioning Lieberman and Bayh.  

    Considering that the economy is no longer in complete free fall, actually having passed something worked out sufficiently well that i'll overlook that you're using Sarah Palin's phraseology.  Those criticizing Obama's negotiating skills seem less acquainted with negotiating than those who refrain.  But you don't want to be convinced of Obama's first term accomplishments, you just want to monday morning quarterback.  Which is fine, as long as everyone knows what game it is you're playing.

    "This world demands the qualities of youth: not a time of life but a state of mind[.]" -- Robert F. Kennedy

    by Loge on Wed Dec 14, 2011 at 04:23:53 PM PST

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