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    Horace Boothroyd III

    In the case of this survey it's pretty important. The goal of this survey is to help me understand what avid readers do and their lifestyles. The reason for that is that I'll have to raise the money to produce my book review show for PBS. Having some information about gender and gender identity will help me identify potential corporate underwriters. If my average viewer is a 60 year old male who travel frequently by plane and has a car that 15 years old, that points me in a different direction than if my target viewer is an 18 year old female who never travels, but drinks coffee and has no job.

    In this case, I'm not sure how much having those additional designations informs my analysis. If someone is FTM, they're male, I'd imagine for the purposes of this survey. If a person is MTF, they're female. Or even for that matter, if someone wasn't transitioned but identifies as male (or female) they could put their gender identity. I added that term specifically for that reason. I thought I did it right, but I guess, who knows? Maybe not. I'm going to leave it as is though, because I'm not sure how, in this case, having more designations would help me understand where my potential show viewer "hangs out". For other surveys, perhaps.

    I've become re-radicalized. Thanks a lot you bunch of oligarchical fascist sons-of-bitches. But once again, I have no choice. Bring it the fuck on.

    by mdmslle on Thu Dec 15, 2011 at 01:09:45 AM PST

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