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View Diary: Democrats give up millionaire's surtax in payroll tax cut extension debate (318 comments)

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    All bills that spend money should clearly state where their funding comes from.


    Save our Wizbangs!

    A bill to spend money on saving wizbangs. The money used to pay for this program will be collected via a 0.00037% tax on incomes applied to the 2011 25% tax bracket and above brackets.

    This bill has a sunset date of one year from today.  

    This may not be possible due to the way the tax law is written but, if all bills specifically include what taxes are used to fund them then anytime a politician says they want to lower taxes they have to point out which programs are getting the axe.

    When a politician then says, "I'm going to lower your taxes" what they will be really saying is, "I'm going to put a stop to some programs."

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