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View Diary: 'The Wyden-Ryan plan ends Medicare as we know it, plain and simple' (87 comments)

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    ...most offices aren't going to pass your message along if you're not from their state.

    Basically, if Wyden's office is like any of the offices I have experience with, you're going to talk to an intern and a staff assistant who will pretend to take notes on what you're saying, say that they will "pass the message along" just to get you off the line, and then do nothing.

    I don't know if all offices are like that, but each office I have interned at does not log the opinions of non-constituents. I'm not saying I agree with Wyden here - I don't - or that he doesn't deserve to take heat - he does. But I am saying that maybe you should consider saving yourself the price of a phone call, since all you're going to get to do is complain to the lowest level of paid staffer at best, or an intern at worst.

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