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View Diary: White House rejects Ryan-Wyden: 'This plan would end Medicare as we know it' (127 comments)

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  •  Oh please (0+ / 0-)

    Here are his "liberal" ratings:

    Overall Rating    93%
    ACLU    91%
    Americans for Democratic ActionADA    95%
    CDF    90%
    LCV    87%
    NAACP    100%
    NARAL    100%
    SEIU    91%

    •  Yeah, he gets a lot of flack from the left... (0+ / 0-)

      ...for not being 100% on everything...

      I was shocked to find that most Blue Dogs actually have similarly high-seeming ratings, on most important issues.

      Coming out of '08, the power was hanging by a thread, subject to just half a dozen vacillating, half-stepping, back-stabbing Blue Dogs, sometimes by just one vote, on any given issue.

      People keep ignoring that harsh realpolitik, that despite putative "Democratic Majorities" the prez has been hostage to a continued right wing majority dictatorship, since day one of his administration.

      Be that as it may, even a relative dog of a Democrat is better than a pig of a Republican.

      In his district, Wyden is pretty popular, and the left failed to field a more progressive (and viable) candidate to primary him last time so he was our man, for better or worse.

      We did give one of his local Republican colleagues a good run for his money, though, and may replace His jive ass next time around...

      In our fairly isolated rural district (southern Oregon), the right still prevails on the local city councils and county board of supervisors, but we are approaching a tipping point, I think.

      Will 2012 see a massive electoral turnout, to punish the right for sabotaging our hopes for change?

      Will Better Democrats step up, to run for office and seize the power, at all levels?

      The whole world is watching, with bated breath.

      Democracy is the most fundamental revolutionary principle. Information is the ultimate key.

      by Radical def on Fri Dec 16, 2011 at 11:58:42 AM PST

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