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View Diary: John Boehner: Dropping the millionaire's surtax doesn't count as a concession (73 comments)

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    Once again, Crybaby Boehner is lying in his all-too-clever redefinition of the word "concessions."

    The fact is that the American people -- the ones he pretends to be listening to -- have demanded, in poll after poll, in ever-louder, ever-angrier voices, that the obscenely wealthy must pay more taxes.  The American people -- the ones he supposedly represents -- have insisted that the obscenely wealthy must pay their "fair share."  

    But Crybaby Boehner pretends that the Democrats aren't conceding anything, even though the vast majority of the American people count are far greater in number than the pathetically small number of individuals he is fighting for.  

    Mr. Boehner is a liar, who thinks he can get away with his fabrications.  But the American people are onto his scam, even if the various members of the all-too-complicit press to whom he makes his remarks fail to do their duty in asking follow-up questions and reporting the full story.  

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