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View Diary: Enough with Hysteria on "Indefinite Detention" - Give Me Facts. (198 comments)

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  •  This is willful obtuseness on your part (2+ / 0-)
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    frandor55, praenomen

    Of course the writer of the bill has a large influence in how it is interpreted. Why do you think he was asked about the intent?

    Why do you think Udall tried to eliminate the provision with his amendment?

    But that aside, constitutional scholars are weighing in with the same interpretation.

    In other words, if there is any possibility at all for the bill to be interpreted in exactly the way its authors have intended, then that will be the way the executive branch will interpret the bill, since it provides more power to the executive.

    Even if Obama changes his mind and becomes more concerned about constitutional rights than he is about being reelected, future presidents may not have such misgivings, although from all accounts Obama wants these powers, and in fact has already used them.

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