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  •  But with no reference, and Elbridge Gerry's entry (3+ / 0-)
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    pucklady, MichaelNY, Matt Z

    is shown with a hard G on Wikipedia. But that doesn't have a reference either!

    I pronounce it like "Jerrymander" myself. But it seems that might be incorrect... Though I think you're right; in modern usage, everyone else pronounces it "Jerrymander" as well, so that's likely the "correct" pronunciation now.

    I'd be interested to see where that pronunciation for Gerrymander itself on Wikipedia was sourced from. As well as Elbridge Gerry's entry... (That's the problem with Wikipedia. It might disagree, but without a good source/reference, it might incorrectly disagree. And it disagrees with itself in this case! Elbridge Gerry may well have pronounced his name like "Jerry.")

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