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View Diary: Nuclear Regulatory Meltdown: Four NRC Commisioners Conspire with Republicans in Coup Attempt (149 comments)

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  •  In the ever-present conflict of interest between.. (19+ / 0-)

    members of Federal regulatory agencies, where the regulators  are charged with balancing the best interests of industry vs. the best interests of the public--all too often the public interest loses out.  

    The public doesn't have powerful lobbyists.  The public can't make sure that regulators aren't past/present/future employees of the industry they supposedly regulate.  

    The public has to depend on the elected "representatives" to protect their best interests.  Unfortunately too many of our elected "representatives"--like Issa--only represent themselves and their industry sponsors.  

    What can the public do to change this?--because if we want to protect ourselves, our families, and our land from the kind of disaster that's happened in Japan--it must be changed.

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