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  •  Hitchens was a nasty person (2+ / 0-)
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    Rather, he was very nasty to those who stood in his way.

    And the real-kicker, he tried to pass that off as some kind of dialectical 'clarity.'   I am sorry, but no amount of fancy words can hide nastiness.  

    I could understand and perhaps even tolerate his nastiness, had he not been such a ideologue, such a pedant, and so self-righteous.  His complete about face on Mother Terressa was but one notable time he showed how he would say just about anything when it suited his purpose.  Prior to her lack of faith being known, she was the Death Gnome of Calcutta.  After her faithlessnes became known, the sweet, misused and abused gentle women.  

    All to the end of savaging the Catholic Church Truly shameless. And believe me, no one here would like to see the Vatican  absolved.

    Evidently, he had brains. .  It seems to himself and many of his admirers, he was the smartest fellow in the room.  And he liked to show it.  As I am unimpressed with the intellectual product  of many of his admirers, I simply say Hithcens seemed in manny ways a fop.  He often simply to be noticed. He admitted that himself on a few occasions.

    I do like that he took on the religious.  I do like his debating style.  And I like his targets. Overall, I'll put him in the good box.

    But his wilingness, even eagerness, to sacrifice his much self- touted intellectual integrity in order to be noticed, allowed his thirst celebrity devour his integrity.


    Regardless, he will be missed.

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