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  •  Re the Barak speech, (1+ / 0-)
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    I have just finished The Truth about Camp David (II- the Clinton version) concerning a blow-by-blow account of  the 1999-2000 negotiations of which Barak was the lead for Israel,  and, having read there what was said about Barak's various negotiating voices, public and private not so much alike, and his love of red lines which he may or may not disclose and his alleged  willingness to subordinate negotiations to internal domestic Israeli political squabbles.  

     I am concerned that this is his speech to Israelis basically saying there will be no negotiation about borders (he flat out says he is keeping big blocks,  assuming he gets anything to say about it).

    More importantly, he also seems to be saying  that Palestine will be held to ransom indefinitely until whatever he considers the entire 'conflict' is resolved. Does Palestine have to wait on Syria? Or Iran? Or whatever else is on his mind? Or on Bibi's or Avigdor's? What ever happened to the two parties negotiating the peace treaty themelves?

    Or does he just think this time that he can beat Bibi in the next election and he is starting the campaign off. Improbable as that sounds. Which may throw another monkey wrench in the internal politics of Israel and the attempt at a peace deal, without benefiting the citizens in the street anywhere at all

    This is one of those times when I really, really hate both Bush and Dennis Ross, remembering Bush speaking to the Knesset to waylay a supposedly basically complete deal with the Assads over Golan,  several years after the time of The Truth About Camp David. A deal then could have taken at least one of the matters on the Israeli official mind off the table apparently on terms they could have accepted, and instead  kept that part of the brawl going. And one of the points of the book I mentioned which sounds interesting as to Syria and Palestine both was the notion of Israel offering full land returned for full peace, land as to Palestinians being the June 1967 line. A precedent might have been nice, and now the time for that is indefinitely delayed until Syria sorts itself out. And, according to Barak, nothing in P will be sorted until that happens, or so it seems.

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    I also saw the article this morning which is noted, about other groups pushing PA and Hamas to get the unity deal done.That article is worth having a look at.  Part of what was interesting on that was the identity of some of those groups, names many here know and do not love, and that they are attending the next meeting in Cairo on their own money, to get the unity  job done, since PA and Hamas can't, apparently, in their view. It is certainly true that there would be advantages looking toward a peace process if one still exists, to have all those who act on their beliefs, united, so that nobody can complain thereafter that the other guys were disloyally.  . .  .  accusation of choice.

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