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  •  Obama needs to run an end game (0+ / 0-)

    around the Republicans. He needs to insist that
    1. TransCanada build out solar and wind farms in the US to offset the CO2 differential of the dirty oil.'
    2. Insist that a Green Fee of $x/per gallon be assessed on all oil shipped thru the pipeline... this money will be used to set up a Green Fund for grants and loans for this Green energy buildout... wind, solar, retrofits, rail, etc. Since Congress refuses to fund his Green vision, make it a condition of the approval... a fund that is constantly funded from the dirty oil...that does NOT need Congressional approval... think " pennance" or "punishment"  surcharge.
    The oil companies will do it, because its cheaper to do that then to have him not approve the pipeline and they will have to start from scratch all over again.... which will cost them billions. He also runs around an obstructionist Congress that refuses to fund his programs.
    Yes, the oil is filty, but its better to have it fund US Green transition then have it strengthen China, who will do nothing to offset the CO2 differential. and it will lessen their influence in Canada.
    Also, if a new pipeline is built to the west coast of BC, The US Pacific NW is at peril of a major oil spill.... that factor needs to be considered also.
    Its better for the US to control the dirty oil and have control of it then let if be shipped to others.. and use the money generated from the pipeline fee and new wind and solar projects to offset its dirty consequences. The US could even provide Fed lands for the wind and solar projects if they have to.. to sweeten the deal. Not having to buy land makes it more palatable for an oil company. Make the Devil fund the redemption.

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