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    Aramis Wyler, EthrDemon

    that would, um, not be reflected in the EROI because that has nothing to do with the EROI. What would the color of buttercups be if you caught twice as many fish? What's the gas mileage of a car with no wheels? 0? Infinite?

    EROI has to do with the amount of energy required to deliver a unit of energy to the end use. It has nothing whatsoever to do with how the energy is used at the end.

    In and of itself, a 300% ROI is fantastic. However, if you have built an entire economy around 1,000 - 10,000% ROI, then a 300% ROI is not so good.

    And, further, if you have reserves of 10 units with an EROI of 9, then you get to deliver 9 units to market. If your EROI is 1.1 then you only deliver 5.5 units to market. Thus, all proven reserves are not equal.

    Causation was, is, and ever shall be a slippery bitch, so we're best sticking with noting the facts

    by jam on Mon Dec 19, 2011 at 07:15:58 AM PST

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