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    You  wrote eloquently at Huffington Post about prison rape. How can we address this tragic issue when we have a prison system that’s overtaxed?

    First we have to take the problem of rape in prison seriously. The federal government finally acknowledged the problem and put forward the prison rape elimination act (PREA), last year. Its existence is due to an organization originally known as ‘Stop Prisoner Rape.’ It has now evolved into Just Detention International. PREA is intended to deal with the phenomenon of prison rape, but little follow-through is evident.

    And again, a less punitive, more humane attitude about those in prison would lead to a less tense and anxious population. But one of the primary things we can do is follow the example of some European countries and allow conjugal visits.


    My 8-year-old, Charlotte, asked if Herman Cain's tax plan was called, "Mine, mine, mine!"

    by Ellinorianne on Sun Dec 18, 2011 at 06:24:59 PM PST

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