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  •  We will (2+ / 0-)
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    Denise Oliver Velez, betson08

    first have to figure out how to make less of ourselves. The things you mention are not possible when humans are not rare. It is too easy to throw surplus anything away, taking only the best of something or someone and discarding everything else.

    •  We haven't taken "only the best of something (1+ / 0-)
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      or someone" despite thousands of years and ample opportunity. The whole mess of humanity, organized to disorganized, well-tended to poorly tended, has long been with us, and is still with us. Some of us are wealthy enough that we don't have to gaze upon the teeming masses, but most of us ARE the teeming masses, in no position to "take only the best," or so it seems to me.

      And when humans were more rare, we were arguably more likely than today to treat the young ones horribly, exposing the unwanted, using them as slave labor, essentially no rules restricting family violence -- in this country, laws against animal cruelty were used to make the first successful legal argument against cruelty to children.

      I think we WILL make less of ourselves over the next 200-300 years as we hit the limits of habitability on Earth, and it will not be pretty. So you're right. We should put off, as a fool's errand, wide-scale efforts to enlighten ourselves and be kinder, more competent parents until after the Big Population Cut is made -- it will take a lot of spilled blood to lubricate humanity's passage through that bottleneck, and our great-grandkids had better be up to the task.

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