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  •  Earle's Leaking (4.00)
    This is classic work by Ronnie Earle.  He knows that if he just dropped the charges on DeLay, the Bugman would scream "politics" really loudly.  So drip, drip , drip, he lets stuff he knows out to reporters.  Since he hasn't convened the DeLay grand jury yet, he isn't breaking the rules.  Ha ha ha.
    •  Not true about Grand Jury (none)
      He is finishing up his 3rd Grand Jury very soon. He will either open a 4th Grand Jury - or indict all remaining targets. Expect a 4th Grand Jury.

      Earle will not be rushed into indictments. He will not allow this case to get fucked up. His whole career is riding on this case - if he fucks it up, his whole otherwise-honorable career will be caput.

      *Evil flourishes when good men do nothing*

      by clueless on Tue Apr 05, 2005 at 11:59:34 PM PDT

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