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  •  Anybody else notice - (4.00)
    the trip was in 1997 - like 8 YEARS AGO!

    The family has been on the payroll for nearly 4 YEARS!?!

    And we are only hearing about in NOW?  What took so long?

    Great minds have purposes, others have wishes. Little minds are tamed and subdued by misfortune; but great minds rise above them - Washington Irving

    by Stein on Tue Apr 05, 2005 at 08:26:08 PM PDT

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    •  Hey (4.00)
      his name ain't 'delay' for nothing.
    •  Karl was busy (none)
      using DeLay as a serviceable villain.

      "The state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation." - Pierre Trudeau

      by fishhead on Tue Apr 05, 2005 at 09:22:56 PM PDT

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    •  Set up (none)
      Some one is has been sitting on this for awhile. They knew about it but are letting it slip just now.

      The Brooks piece and the WSJ (Bush's newest speech writer is a former WSJ editorialist) piece were timed. That was the green light to get DeLay. Now his money is tainted as is his power.

      We need to reverse the K Street Project. Any lobbyist connected to DeLay should be fired immediately. There is now evidence that spans years that he was operating against the norms and ethics of the House. He couldn't ahve done this without help. All K Street Lobbyists who have worked for DeLay should be fired.

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