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View Diary: Cover for TIME Magazine's "Person of the Year" vs. Original Photograph. Note the Glaring Difference? (292 comments)

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    emal, koNko

    I didn't mean to get snippy.  sorry.   I think I'm reacting to the "they are all trying to make OWS look horrible because they are part of some evil conspiracy" talk.  

    But I get it that some people hav different reactions to the piece.  

    •  Well you have to admit (0+ / 0-)

      our corporate owned media (which includes Time) hasn't really done a stellar job these past several years and decades in it's role as the Fourth Branch  (and unofficial check) on gov't and of keeping the citizenry informed. So I see how one could feel that way.

      I'd be curious if the artist had presented any alternatives to the image that Time eventually chose.

      But really what's done is done...and whether the intent was different than the actual interpretation you said ymmv.

      Either way,I do appreciate your kind response back to me here in this thread, thanks.

      48forEastAfrica-Donate to Oxfam The Plutocratic States of America, the best government the top 1% and corporations can buy. We are the 99%-OWS.

      by emal on Mon Dec 19, 2011 at 01:49:46 PM PST

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