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View Diary: Recapping the 2011 Tornado Season* (54 comments)

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    Is it possible with a global temperature increase of 5 degrees Celsius we could face the possibility that some of the areas outlined here could be uninhabitable certain times of the year due to such continuous and intense storms plaguing the area?

    Just wondering if there's a temperature 'tipping point' for all out tornado chaos.

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      not sure. Like I said, tornadoes are such small-scale features that it requires more studies to see how rising temperatures would impact tornado activity.

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      ms badger

      There is some speculation (in Lynus' book Six Degrees) that a six degree warming could spawn hurricanes that persist for weeks.  Rather than weakening as they approach the poles, they stay strong and regain strength as they move back into subtropical or tropical regions.

      I don't know how likely this is, or even it is reasonable to assign a probability to it.  I do think that increasing the amount of potential energy in the lower atmosphere is generally a bad idea, and it is going to create some unpleasant surprises.  

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