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  •  Educationnext=privatization (0+ / 0-)

    When you choose articles by conservative organizations that are behind the privatization movement you again reveal your bias. Education should not be a profit making enterprise. And that is what charters are.

    For that matter neither should health care be a profit center but this country does not care that our health care system leaves our total populace worse off than most industrial countries.

    •  Mission statement (0+ / 0-)
      In the stormy seas of school reform, this journal will steer a steady course, presenting the facts as best they can be determined, giving voice (without fear or favor) to worthy research, sound ideas, and responsible arguments. Bold change is needed in American K–12 education, but Education Next partakes of no program, campaign, or ideology. It goes where the evidence points.

      I don't have a "bias" towards privatization, but I also don't have a bias against it. If someone can make a profit providing better education to kids for the same per pupil dollars spent in public schools, I have no problem with it. Sacrificing kids future in the alter of some anti-capitalist ideal is not what I'm "biased" in favor of.

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