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View Diary: Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: I'll bet Scott Brown wishes he could un-say this (158 comments)

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    Retail politics doesn't work if you can't expect to retail with a large portion of the electorate, and Texas's huge size and huge population make that extremely difficult.

    I agree that using a handheld megaphone to speechify some populist messages on the back of Scott Brown's pickup truck would create some nice PR hits.  But in Texas, there are so many voters in such a large geographical area that successful campaigns will need large-scale paid media.  Just because there aren't as many people in the rural counties doesn't mean that a Democratic candidate can allow the Republican to run up the score there, and that means reaching those voters somehow.  Retail politics is simply not the most efficient way to do that.

    •  I get your point about retail politics, but (0+ / 0-)

      I think you are misunderestimating (ha!) just how small some of these counties are. Go to this link and click on Texas for the 2008 election and just let your mouse(pad) guide you. Many of the smallest ones had less than 10,000 people voting; some had less than 5,000. Still others had less than 2,000. Running up the score seems impossible.

      As far as retail politics goes, I wonder just how successful a quasi-viral campaign would be.

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