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    farm animal has much mass, because of the steer elements in his genome, and in his lumbering I perceive much angular motion. But, alas, there is no charge there.

    I have a Hoyle tome in which he desperately attempts to suss out Stonehenge.

    The farm animal can never hope to approach the secret of life, the universe, and everything, because that secret is 42. And, as we have seen, the black hole renders him incapable of counting even to three.

    •  fun story (5+ / 0-)

      on the wires just now in re Stonehenge. Seems the science laddies have pinned down the origin of place for some of the biggest stones -- from 100 miles away.

      Lots of contemplation to continue over Why?

      And More Why?

      And What Does It Mean In the Infinite Scheme?

      Stay tuned.

      The trouble with quotes on the internet is that it is difficult to determine whether or not they are genuine. -- Abraham Lincoln

      by Mnemosyne on Wed Dec 21, 2011 at 01:49:33 PM PST

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