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  •  Violent History Justifies Isolation? (3+ / 0-)
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    By your logic Belgium, Germany, Lebanon, Kosovo, and other oft-invaded countries would be perfectly justified in raising the drawbridge, abusing their populations, terrorizing them with paranoid propaganda, and killing dissenters.

    As a resident of the one country which most closely resembled North Korea two decades ago, I see daily the results of that abuse that still linger.  There can be no acceptance and understanding of the abuse of the people by their leadership that went on her under Hoxha and what has been going on in NK since the end of WWII.  If the North Koreans had unfettered access to international media, freedom of travel, and the ability to discuss openly their political desires and still chose to live in a a reclusive, paranoid dystopia, I'd be content to ignore their plight.  But they don't.

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