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View Diary: Taibbi and Connaughton on Obama, Geithner, “The Rule of Law,” and “Government, Enron-Style” (173 comments)

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  •  As a sidelight to this virulently stinking story (20+ / 0-)

    Is how far the coverup immunity for the housing and finance sectors actually goes: foreclose on an active duty servicemember?  No problem!

    I kid you not, systematically it's thought at least 2,500 active duty servicemembers lost their homes.  It's a plain screaming crime as sure as the sun rises, always calls for a minimum year in jail, no exceptions.

    Not one prosecution has gone forward on this, Jesus Christ in the land of the almighty Drone and DOD we can't even help the little people in the services?

    Oh, excuse the fuck outta me, I forgot that if we prosecute someone in Finance, why, everyone will look at us and say why stop?  Why selectively prosecute?  We'd have to put all our buddies in jail, the horror!  All of them!

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