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View Diary: Thursday Classical Music OPUS 64: Beethoven's Ninth Symphony (part 2) (115 comments)

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  •  It's one reason I don't enjoy concerts that much. (2+ / 0-)
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    SherwoodB, NYFM

    It is a weird rule, and it seems to come from what is an otherwise good development -- the growing respect for the music and musicians as more than shoe-shine boys.  Raised up to God-like levels of respect, the concert hall (my theory) became more like a church.  And so, when we come to the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, it's a stuffy formal event that attracts new compositions that themselves are stuffy and formal and assume before they are ever played that they should receive a God-like level of respect -- before it is earned.

    •  Me too (1+ / 0-)
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      and maybe it is the church-like atmosphere that is behind it having been raised in a very very very strict RC home.  

      Ross says this:

      By around 1900, a portion of the public had embraced the idea that certain works should be heard in rapt silence. An Encyclopedia Britannica article in the pre-World War I period, which Howard Shanet quotes in his history of the New York Philharmonic (p. 144), observes: “The reverential spirit which abolished applause in church has tended to spread to the theatre and the concert-room, largely under the influence of the quasi-religious atmosphere of the Wagner performances at Baireuth [sic]. In Germany (e.g. the court theatres at Berlin) applause during the performance and ‘calling before the curtain’ have been officially forbidden,   etc....

      Maybe I had too many "thou shalt nots" in my previous lifetime.

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