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  •  Hoping for a kind wind under the wings (11+ / 0-)

    of your family and your dad.

    My dad is 91, and we've thought we were going to lose him a couple of times, but he's lumbered back, a bit frailer each time, but with an unmistakable voice---"I'm not ready yet."

    We can aide and witness, but we cannot control when those we love leave us, or why. We huddle together with our families, all our ducklings, and try our best to build a fortress around everyone we love.  And for a time, that works.

    Like with your daughter---brought tears to my eyes how much she gets it.  She's a sturdy brick in the mortar of the fortress, doing her part in her time.  That's what we all do, when we're at our best.

    God speed, ruleoflaw.  Hope you enjoy yet another Christmas with your father, and he with you.

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