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View Diary: 'Pestered' about his racist newsletters, Ron Paul walks out of CNN interview. Still won't come clean (282 comments)

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  •  I think it comes from (19+ / 0-)

    people who don't even understand their own politics and positions.

    That is, folks who support issues or topics without really fleshing out the underlying principles of what they support.

    This happens quite frequently with people who are avowedly "anti-war" for example. (Other issues, too).  It's fairly easy to fall into, especially if you are a person more deeply inspired by "action" rather than "theorizing" and look mostly for whose words and actions/platforms most closely fit with the action you are advocating for -- in the case of anti-war folks, not funding the military-industrial complex.

    This often leads folks into arguments about "sell-outs" or "hypocritical politicians" when they take positions that are actually ideologically consistent along other political issues but don't always make decisions about military engagement in the same way that "anti-war" folks would like them too.

    I've seen this happen many times, both on the site and in the activism work I've done.  It was an issue that brought many folks to electronic fisticuffs after the 2004 Iowa caucuses here.

    A really long time ago I wrote a diary about why libertarianism gives me the willies that tried to highlight how the supposed issue overlaps between progressives and libertarians weren't really overlaps if you looked to the ideological and political philosophies and goals that were underpinning them.

    A libertarian's "anti-war" position really looks nothing like my anti-militaristic and internationalist "anti-interventionism" positions, for instance.  But to folks who just want the killing to stop (a very noble goal), those distinctions are less important.

    This is a tricky area, and one not easily navigated by resorting to the fallacy of "stupidity" or "insanity" on the part of those doing the supporting.

    Words can sometimes, in moments of grace, attain the quality of deeds. --Elie Wiesel

    by a gilas girl on Thu Dec 22, 2011 at 10:48:14 AM PST

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