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  •  Interesting question of subsidies (0+ / 0-)

    For the purpose of this comment, I'll take your $55K-on-top-of-salary figure from today's followup at face value. That's roughly $110K for a two-year commitment. But there are also net subsidies of colleges of education, if structured differently. Since public schoolteachers have bachelor's degrees, let's start with the degree as a baseline and figure from there -- what per-graduate subsidy does a teacher education program receive net any existing subsidies to the institution for bachelor's degree programs (the per-student public funding)?

    If you put it in that frame, colleges of education have broadly-varying subsidies of teacher candidates, ranging from substantial subsidies for a few private institutions with federal training grants (and tax deductible donations to the institution's college of ed) to moderate subsidies for public master's programs (if the undergraduate program subsidizes graduate programs) and the existence of negative subsidies (for bachelor's degrees at many public universities, where colleges of ed are cash cows and cross-subsidize other units). That's a back-of-envelope division, and I'd be curious if there's a way to nail this down more closely.

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