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View Diary: PolitiFact to critics: You're all just whining partisans (100 comments)

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  •  So you think THIS (DK) is an objective (0+ / 0-)

    source of political news?

    They have it right when they say:

    And yet, for many of our readers, the love for PolitiFact has always been conditional. They love us when we confirm their views that the other side is wrong — and they hate us when we don't.
    •  This site does not claim to be objective (0+ / 0-)

      This site makes it very clear that they are advocating for one side, it is not advertised as a neutral source.  Politifact on the other hand does advertise itself as a neutral source that looks at the facts objectively, yet in this case they were anything but objective.  If a fact checking site accuses someone of lying they damn well better have the facts to show they were lying.  Simply claiming your critics live in an echo chamber is an ad hominen attack, it is not fact.  Politifact did not actually address the criticism against them in this piece, they simply attacked and ignored the actual critique.  The question is at what point does a major change to Medicare constitute an end to the program?  Politifact's critics say that the changes to Medicare in Ryan's plan are so massive that it constitutes an end to the program, and certainly I don't think even Politifact could deny that there comes a certain point when something is changed so much it can no longer be considered the same thing.  While Politifact may disagree with us on what constitutes an end to Medicare, a disagreement is not the same as a lie and to claim it is is a lie in itself which makes the people at Politifact liars.

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