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View Diary: Mitt Romney: Joe Biden's vision of dignity and opportunity is 'a fantasyland' (95 comments)

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  •  Much of what you say is true, as far as it goes, (1+ / 0-)
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    but not taxing the ultra rich to a reasonable point does not help the situation either.  Any solution (as noted by Simson-Bowles) requires BOTH revenue and spending reduction.  The Republicans simply don't want to acknowledge the necessity for ANY new revenue.  There may be some Democrats who are somewhat delusional about spending cuts, but by no means all (at least I haven't met many).  

    To be serious about fixing the economy we need to do a number of things.  I would suggest just a few.

    1. Increase taxes on the very rich to at least the level of the 1990s.
    2. Reduce the military expenditures by cutting waste, cutting out useless or outdated weaponry (and, as one who has seen "Land Trains", one propeller destroyer escorts, nuclear bomb overkill, the Starwars insanity, etc. don't tell me that there is no waste in the system to cut.  The problem is that the building of weapons, effective or not, is big business and thus popular in the parts of the country where they are built), the ending of our wars (money was sent to Iraq in transport planes and huge amounts have been paid to security contractors like Black Water), and find savings by making the bureaucracy more efficient.
    3. Reduce medical costs by cutting redundant testing, negotiating with drug companies and going to a single payer system.  Costs at one city in Texas were HALF what the same treatment cost in El Paso, for example, because the doctors in the first area formed a cartel and demanded twice the normal number of medical tests.

    A number of other savings could be made in how government operates. We (as you point out) cannot depend on one source to fix the system.  However probably NONE of these will be done as someone's cash cow might be damaged.  I have little hope that we humans will ever be able to agree on anything to actually fix the problems, including your ideas, even if our lives depended on it, which they do.  And don't even get me started on environmental issues!

    For one thing when are we going to enforce the remain banking and securities laws? I would like to see the kind of speculation that helped bring down our economy have consequences - such as stiff fines and serious jail time.  Ain't going to happen!  That kind of inequality under the law just breeds cynicism and distrust and makes it harder to enlist the citizens in the cause.

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