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View Diary: IP: Bibi now says he WILL NOT have talks on peace unless he determines who represents Palestinians. (53 comments)

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  •  If that were true, it is also true that the (2+ / 0-)
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    Palestinians should not have to negotiate with Israel, given the very substantial number of Israeli governments and Israeli settlers who have determined that the land of Israel not occupied by them is literally empty, and that they have every intention of taking the land but no intention of accepting any responsibility of any kind for the people and want and will work to get them out, and have thought this way and said so in a way that has been recorded for over sixty years.

    This year they are big on attacking orchards, and now towns, and mosques and the like. Literally. And blocking wells so people won't have water, and tearing down housing so they won't if they're Palestinians have shelter either. The individual numbers are not large, but each week there are more reports of IDF doing this, and whatever passes as the Rule of Law in WB doing nothing no matter what settlers do. And then there is Gaza, blockaded so that health, sufficient nutrition water, power and the like are cut off at the will of Israelis and no one is allowed in to help on any of that. Actions speak louder than words.

    And the PLO recognized the State of Israel two decades ago. It's the PLO, not Hamas, that Bibi is now rejecting. Always an excuse for keeping the status quo or making it worse.

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