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  •  My heart goes out to you... (8+ / 0-)

    When we lost our macaw, Amelia, unexpectedly last year it tore a huge hole in our hearts.  Even our cranky little conure who had never been particularly friendly to Amelia was upset; she was very clingy for several days and kept looking for her "roommate" to show up again.

    Birds do form such tight bonds with us - I guess it's the nature of being a flock creature, where we're all more or less equal.  Add to that the fact that they like to perch on our shoulders and chat away with us while we go through our day, and it's easy to see how we become so close.  It's a very different bond than we experience with dogs or cats, and it can be hard for people who've never lived with a bird to really understand.

    If you have a bird that talks, you quickly realize that although some of it is simple repetition, much of what they say is said within context and really is more than mindless chatter.  From the first wake-up call in the morning, to the lights-out contact calls as the "flock" goes to bed, birds are incredibly full of life, with their exuberant song and chatter.  When that conversation ends, it really takes the spark of life out of a home.

    So sorry for you and your family.  You had a beautiful little bird, and you gave her a wonderful loving home.  As your heart heals, Ella will be in it.

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