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View Diary: Why The Oligarchs Want to Ghettoize The Country (210 comments)

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  •  Well, that's all true, but I think that (29+ / 0-)

    the plutocracy that we are dealing with now in this country is actually weaker than a lot of people understand primarily because there is no centralized control over the heist anymore.

    That was sort of the point of my post.  Mubarak lasted for what some 40 years, right?  Tsars, Kings and Queens also held dominion for centuries and the characters in those scenarios who consolidated control and power were the ones who were generally the most successful in their political fortunes.

    The oligarchy that we are dealing with in this era is not organized in the sense that they are acting independently of one another and have no real cohesive view of the world other than that of corruption and greed.  They have no real hierarchy, organizational principle or even a decent pecking order.  All they have is ambition and ideology that is leading them to spin the whole thing out of control.  The class of clowns in the GOP Presidential race is a perfect example of this quixotic, insane and counter-intuitive approach that the 1% is taking in their quest for dominance.

    In politics and society at large, when there is a massive void created, something will come in to fill it.  If one imagines unemployment as a void in this country, it is logical to expect that something will eventually fill that void, for better or for worse.  The 1% are unconcerned with that void and have invited it for the reasons that you have cited, but they are being short-sighted.  History shows that these voids are filled somehow.  

    FDR understood that principle which is why he shoveled money out the door in the form of government programs in the wake of the crash of 1929.  Whether or not he cared about "the rabble" was beside the point.  He understood that a large population of unemployed people would pose a threat to the viability of the nation.

    In this era, however, neither party fully grasps that concept of the void.  One is totally out to lunch - the GOP - thinking that they can simply get away with the great heist and that the void will not come back to haunt them.  The other - the Democrats - are so afraid of and in some cases ideologically opposed to using government to its fullest extent to carefully and strategically fill the void that they do little other than standing still waiting for the economic winds to change in their favor.  Both share in this ignorance and neither understands that the next void to come down the pike, if we continue as we have been, will be that the nation-state will become irrelevant and powerless in the face of the 1% - the politicians across the world will have no power.  

    That was another thing that FDR and other politicians of their day actually understood.  The got that concept.  They understood that if the corporations and the very wealthiest in this country were to gain too much power, their jobs as public servants - and the power that comes with them - would be gone.

    In this era, we are dealing at a different level - the global economy is the venerated organizational principle.  In that context, the politicians of our era are giving away even more power than FDR would have been had he opted not to serve the people and put the bankers and business interests in their proper place.  Banks, as that generation of politicians believed, should exist to serve the people and not the other way around.  

    Right now we have a majority of people in power - on both sides of the aisle - who have been convinced that the people should serve banks and corporate interests rather than the other way around.  But again, as middlemen in brokering this bad deal, they will become irrelevant and things will spin out of their control - to a large extent they already have.

    I believe that this coalition is much more vulnerable than a lot of people understand right now.  Keying into those vulnerabilities and exploiting them will be the path to the restoration of this democracy and all that it once promised.

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