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View Diary: Why The Oligarchs Want to Ghettoize The Country (210 comments)

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  •  Yes, they got overconfident because they were (14+ / 0-)

    probably amazed at the passivity with which the population took the abuse during the last 30+ years.

    •  I think that there are only a handful (7+ / 0-)
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      Matt Z, 3goldens, Gorette, SuWho, blueoasis, gmb, tmo

      of this 1% class and their accomplices in government who are even remotely as thoughtful as you give them credit for being.

      Most of these people are more like overgrown toddlers flailing their arms as they catapult themselves towards something they want.  They see nothing but the object of desire.  They step on the cat's tail and they keep right on going towards their goal.  There are a few that are as clever as Machiavelli's Prince, but the large majority are a bunch of child-like fools with little foresight, intelligence or understanding of history.

      That is why they are intrinsically weak and we must exploit that and other weaknesses if we want to prevail.

      •  I beg to disagree. This is well-organized. I (5+ / 0-)

        shared my perspective about this in the following diary:

        The Lewis Powell Memo: The Intellectual Genesis of The American Corporatocracy
        •  I agree that it is well organized on (10+ / 0-)

          a certain level, but I also see a lot of disconnects in their organization.  I guess I am making my comments coming from the perspective that it is important to acknowledge the fact that there is a plan as you have done so well, but also important to take a good hard look at what the vulnerabilities of their plans are.  

          Unlike the Mafia, these people do not have a strong hierarchical structure in place.  They have a lot of strong people, power and money, but they don't have the kind of organizational structure in place to keep this going in the face of a populace that becomes dissatisfied and angry.  I happen to think that that is why they are actually scared of OWS.  I started to think along these lines because it actually surprised me that they were scared of OWS.  The fact that people sitting in parks could make them nervous suggests to me that they are not quite as prepared for or capable of understanding what the wrath of the people might really mean.

          The toddlers of whom I speak are the lackeys.  They are the "army" so to speak that this crowd has enlisted.  They are too freakin' stupid to understand how they are hurting themselves which is exactly why they were chosen as members of the club - by the few - the handful - who are thinking fairly strategically.  The thing is that like the Republicans are to the Tea Party so are the Princes to these toddlers - the toddlers are uncontrollable and likely to upend the whole game.  

          The effect of the numerous overreaches and the brashness of the club members has been to awaken the American people in ways that many of us could not have imagined just a few years ago.  That's their weakness.  That's how OWS comes to be and why they are scared of them.  They are not able to operate in obscurity as they are so used to being able to do.

          •  This was evident in the "Inside Job" (7+ / 0-)

            I just watched this the other night and was amazed at how clueless some of the "players" were.  Some finally seemed to have a "light blub" moment and said "it's none of your business" or "you've only got a couple more minutes before the interview is over".  Of course being kind of "geeky" when it comes to most movies, I watched again with the directors commentary on and seems some of these "players" got taken to task for some of their comments. BTW by "clueless" I think that they didn't realize what the "public" reaction to some of what they revealed would be.  Quite BRAZEN, some of them!

            •  Obtuse. Clueless. So single-minded that (4+ / 0-)
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              ladyjames, Ray Pensador, mary4, gmb

              they haven't a clue that they are whacking a beehive.  Things went really well for them when they kept it under control and executed their plan in a fairly organized and steady fashion, but then all hell broke loose.  A hell that they created and unleashed, but still these kinds of things start to reel out of anyone's control at a certain point.  One of the interesting things is the fact that they will start to devour each other to such an extent that they will have their own civil war within the ranks of the 1%.

        •  Just think sharks in a feeding frenzy. (7+ / 0-)

          I really believe that's their greatest weakness at this point.  The intellectual and strategic roots of this movement cannot be denied, but where this is going is more likely to be as Hobbes described life without the social contract: "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short" - even for a lot of those one percenters eventually.

          •  Really appreciated all your insightful (6+ / 0-)

            comments here today!

            Being afraid of "people sitting in parks" is an image that encourages me--

            The fact that people sitting in parks could make them nervous suggests to me that they are not quite as prepared for or capable of understanding what the wrath of the people might really mean.

            --as do your comments on their lack of organization.

            "extreme concentration of income is incompatible with real democracy.... the truth is that the whole nature of our society is at stake." Paul Krugman

            by Gorette on Tue Dec 27, 2011 at 12:58:44 PM PST

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            •  Dragons can always be slayed. (5+ / 0-)
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              Ray Pensador, mary4, ladyjames, blueoasis, gmb

              For all of the fire-breathing and the destruction they've done, they still have vulnerabilities.  The trick is not to get so caught up in witnessing the display of power that you lose the ability to analyze and exploit their weaknesses.

              Of course, recognizing the problem - seeing the dragons for what they are - is a critical first step, but it is a step in a progression of forward motion that we must continue to advance if we are to prevail.

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