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View Diary: My Little Town 20111228: Telephone Calls (190 comments)

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  •  My Grandmother had a party line (8+ / 0-)

    But she wasn't a big talker so I, visiting during the summer, thought it was novel, not an annoyance getting a chance to talk.

    But me, big city girl, thought everything phone-related was included in the monthly bill.

    I do know my first digital phone was a "phone-inna-box" a tan push-button phone in a really nice wooden box. The apartment I rented had a hard-wired black phone so the phone company came out and, even tho this was a rental apartment, re-jiggered the phone outlet to a modular jack so I could just plug my new phone in. I don't recollect having to pay for the service, but this was the early 70s so I'm probably not remembering well and it was all in the bill.

    Growing up I always wanted to be a telephone operator (or bus driver) and even tho I wound up following a different path I did spend 29 years talking on the phone just not as an operator.

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