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  •  Just remember, that Finnish final is (7+ / 0-)

    Very difficult.  Finnish kids are expected to know everything they were taught and that expectation has been drilled into them since grade one.  Finnish kids don't bother asking "do I hafta learn this?" or "will this be on the test?" because the answer is always YES.

    Furthermore, while the Finns don't waste a lot of time on standardized testing, the tests they do take are quite difficult.  I had a Finnish exchange student in my home who asked what he liked best about his American high school.  Without blinking an eye he said, "Multiple choice tests."  He was 18 and had never taken one before.

    So while there are many superficial differences between Finland's high performance schools and our laughable competition, the biggest difference is that Finnish kids live in a culture where folks are actually expected to know something when they finish their educations and this makes all the difference.

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