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  •  On this one: (8+ / 0-)
    Ron Paul opposes any government interference with the free market, especially any new regulations on Wall Street.

    How on earth do liberal OWSers somehow think they have found common ground with Paulbots? I thought one of OWS's main beefs was with unregulated Wall Street.

    Or do Paulbots not support him on this issue? Hard to imagine they don't, if they're true libertarians.

    Excellent diary.

    Ds see human suffering and wonder what they can do to relieve it. Rs see human suffering and wonder how they can profit from it.

    by JTinDC on Wed Dec 28, 2011 at 12:06:07 PM PST

    •  While I do not support Paul (0+ / 0-)

      I think this misrepresents his views on Wall Street shenanigans.  It's certainly better than Obama's.

      Actually, fraud is alreayd actionable, this Aministration just does not want to go there.  Enforcement of existing regulations & laws and return to Glass Steagall would more than end the problem.

    •  this is what Ron Paul thinks (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      about OWS, and he's definitely NOT on our side:

      Paul, Tea Party Godfather, says ‘Occupy’ all about ‘handouts’
      By NBC’s Anthony Terrell and Domenico Montanaro
      CARROLL, Iowa -- Ron Paul outlined what he believed was the difference between “Occupy Wall Street” and the “Tea Party.”
      "Some are demonstrating, because they’re scared to death they won’t get their handouts,” Paul said yesterday. “And the other half are demonstrating, because they’re sick and tired of paying for it. I’m on the side of sick and tired of paying for it.”
      Paul's popularity has risen since 2008 largely because of the Tea Party. He doesn't lead in polling in any state, but he is routinely in the top three in states like Iowa and New Hampshire.

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