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  •  Obama and Ron Paul are not in competition (0+ / 0-)

    First, there is no objective reason to believe Ron Paul is going to run as an independent (other than people's desire to see a proper sideshow this year). And it's for damn sure Ron Paul is not going to be the Republican nominee. Ron Paul is the quintessential protest candidate...people with Ron Paul stickers are basically screaming in protest against the status quo, not proposing a serious alternative. It doesn't really matter what Ron Paul's motivations are, because Ron Paul isn't the's having someone who is a certifiable non-hippy coming out against war and the "war on drugs."

    Comparing Paul to Obama is beside the point, because Obama has lost these people....not necessarily to Paul, he's just plain lost them.  

    "All governments lie, but disaster lies in wait for countries whose officials smoke the same hashish they give out." --I.F. Stone

    by Alice in Florida on Mon Jan 02, 2012 at 06:38:13 AM PST

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