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View Diary: If the GOP takes the Senate, do you support a filibuster rules change? (181 comments)

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  •  Principle?! This is about fascism, not principle (5+ / 0-)

    Have the Republicans shown any principles what so ever when it comes to political campaigns, or voter suppression laws, or immigration racism, or a gazillion other things?

    You give these fascists this kind of power, and they'll pass laws so that Democrats can never get back into power, and there will be blood in the streets over what they will do to this country.

    •  They Are Going To Be In The Majority! (8+ / 0-)

      They can eliminate the Filibuster if they want to. There is NOTHING that can stop them, except bleating from the doomed. And when has a "shocking lack of comity and regard for Senate traditions" stopped a Republican Jihad?

      The Senate Parliamentarian would have to rule, but that ruling is advisory. And of course Republicans would scream in rage if the Parliamentarian ever ruled against them so they would be openly threatening the "ref."

      If Obama wins then Biden would be the President of the Senate, and could issue a ruling that the rule change could not be made (it would be a horrible precedent but he could do it). He might do so if the Parliamentarian ruled against Republicans (which is doubtful) or he might just do it (causing massive hissy-fits among the villagers and dire threats of revenge from Republicans).

      But, that ruling from the Chair could be over-ruled by a simple majority. That would be "breaking precedent" but so what? Republicans were willing to do this just to get Bush judicial appointments through.

      Does ANYBODY think they wouldn't go NUCLEAR to "repeal Obama-Care?" They will. Nothing will stop them -- except possibly a Democratic commitment in advance never to use the filibuster at all. That might happen of course.

      The ONLY remaining question is whether Democrats would feebly undo the "damage" to the institution by re-instating the filibuster if they regained control. My bet would be a sudden "I'm simply SHOCKED at the lack of comity in the U.S. Senate." Followed by a move to re-instate the filibuster so Republicans can use it to block any attempt by Democrats to govern.

      And all the villagers will cheer at the "bi-partisanship" shown by Democrats in cutting their own throats.

      •  the situation with hcr would be the (2+ / 0-)
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        wishingwell, chazz509

        big test of whether they would do it.  A lot of repubs in the senate will of course not WANT to get rid of the filibuster, but the pressure to repeal hcr would be intense...BUT, at the same time, the medical industry, which has a LOT of pull with the senate repubs, would REALLY REALLY NOT want to repeal the hcr bill and have to start all over--the vast majority of the big players in the industry, including virtually ALL of Pharma, are very invested in getting the bill implemented.  Starting over would be a nightmare for those groups.

        So there would be all of these countervailing forces pushing them towards getting rid of the filibuster and towards not getting rid of it.

        Personally, I don't think they would get rid of the causes individual senators to lose so much of their power.

      •  They say they want to "repeal Obamacare", but (4+ / 0-)
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        SaintC, chazz509, Matt Z, Laconic Lib

        they don't. They won't. It's a campaign slogan, if he's re-elected it will be pointless.

        •  Exactly the OPPOSITE is True! (1+ / 0-)
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          If Obama is re-elected he would veto any attempt to repeal "Obama-care", and Republicans alone won't have 66 votes to over rule the veto. Even with a few treacherous Democratic "Centrists" they wouldn't have that many.

          So, they get a FREE vote! "I voted to repeal Obama-Care!" CAMPAIGN slogan, but knowing all the time that they won't anger big-Pharma because the bill will be vetoed by Obama.

          On the other hand, if Romney wins they are screwed either way. They will be forced to repeal it, but then we still have the problem of health care to deal with -- and they will anger major health care industries which stood to make billions of $ off the new bill. But they will all have campaigned on it and their base will demand it.

          I guess that "whatever health care you can afford" is the new norm.

      •  no big deal if Obama re-elected (0+ / 0-)

        He will just veto every bill they pass and they won't have votes to override. If Romney wins the country is doomed.

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