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View Diary: If the GOP takes the Senate, do you support a filibuster rules change? (181 comments)

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    I think that the argument for supporting an end to the filibuster rests as much on the fact that the Rs don't respect it while they have the majority, as that they are obstructionist and use it to the hilt when they are in the minority and the majority Ds do respect it.

    The last time the Rs held the Senate majority, they got the Ds to unblock Dubya's Federalist Society stooge judicial appointments by threatening to end the filibuster if the Ds persisted in actually using it to block the appointments.  The Ds, mediated by that Gang of 14 nonsense, backed down, conceded that the filibuster was not the right of the minority, to be used at its sole discretion, but was to be used only under "extraordinary circumstances".

    Why would you imagine that the Rs would not follow the same logic if and when they retake the majority?  Have they gotten more moderate since the last time they were in the majority, and used the nuclear option to keep the Ds from using the filibuster?  Do you think their caucus will be more moderate, more willing to let Ds have our way, if some Teabagger tide carries them into the majority this year?

    I would agree with getting rid of the filibuster even if it were going to be available equally to both parties.  I think brooklynbadboy is right, we need a govt that can function, a govt that has both the responsibility to govern and the power to govern.  Sure, with the trifecta in R hands, and no filibuster, that team could go to town and double down on every crazy element of their agenda.  Not good in itself, but good in that the electorate will finally see what the Rs are really about, and if they really don't like that, as all good Ds expect, then they'll throw the bums out next election and we can have sane govt, but this time sane govt that can actually govern.

    But we don't actually have to decide whether the risk of letting the Rs have untrammeled control for a season outweighs the upside of perhaps getting accountable govt back.  We already know that a R majority will not let itself be trammeled by the filibuster.  Thers is absolutely no downside to ending the filibuster, because it is a weapon that only one party gets to use, and that party ain't us.

    We should have destroyed the presidency before Obama took office. Too late now.

    by gtomkins on Tue Jan 03, 2012 at 07:13:55 AM PST

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