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View Diary: 'We can't wait': It's time for presidential recess appointments (89 comments)

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  •  Each of these should be highlighted in any (19+ / 0-)

    district where the appointment is effective - this is most appropriate for things like judge seats since they're particular state jurisdictions.  He should appoint the judges and if the localities have Democrats who voted for approval, thank the Democrats for their support and criticize the Republicans for preventing (e.g. Virginia) from having judges to hear their cases.  If the localities who have Republicans who have been blocking the appointments, put out press releases at the time of the appointments saying that the need was just too strong to allow the Republicans to continue preventing justice from being served and that the delays were racking up huge costs to the government from having to hold people prior to trials or to answer lawsuits spurred by the delays.  Have him remind the voters that they shouldn't forget this when the next series of elections take place in November and to vote out the Republicans so that he can make these temporary appointments permanent.

    For appointments to overall agency heads, he should really be touting how the Republicans are delaying the government from getting work done (and, for the example case of the CFPB, how they're supporting lawyers and bankers who are out to preserve the right to screw over Americans because they know how to draft those twelve page credit card and privacy agreements but they're counting on people not knowing enough to fight back - and cite examples where people have been screwed because of fine print).

    I really want Candidate Obama to be in action during 2012 (and for four years beyond).

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