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View Diary: Standing w/ Erickson, Paul, & Heritage against Obama, Wasserman Schultz, and Conyers -- WTF?!? (16 comments)

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  •  From what I understand about this (0+ / 0-)

    legislation, most of these enforcement provisions
    are already available to federal and local law enforcement in regards to shutting down foreign websites that promote piracy and traffic primarily
    in counterfeit goods and services. Or even Fraud.

    Has anyone tried to fund an offshore gaming account
    from their bank or credit card recently? Possible, but,
    very cumbersome and unwieldy. Then try to cash out.
    Very difficult since the UIGEA was signed into law in '06.

    I denote these to illustrate that some of these enforcement
    provisions have been in existence for some time.

    I have no love lost for the bit torrent mindset, and I
    think that there is a need for some sort of regulation
    in these matters. While the 'fair use' doctrine of our
    copyright law for academic, and critical purposes is
    still to the best of my knowledge, in effect, there can
    be no doubt that the fact that so many support these
    bills and their provisions, that these bills appear to me
    as a starting point for further negotiations and refinement.
    Unless you want an unrestricted and unregulated 'free
    market'. This is why you should certainly think twice
    before you adopt  strange bedfellows in alliances.

    Should Google be able to use copywritten material
    that is the property of others to sell advertisement on Youtube?
    Should Daily Kos? Would Google feel the same about its
    proprietary search algorithms, should they just be made
    available to all who may desire them? Does this
    mean that facebook needs to open their stream to google
    or bing searches in the interest of free expression?

    Now, if you run a website, say, a podcast, using others
    voices and music, but you sell no ads, there is nothing
    to really fight over, is there? When internet sites open
    their books to outside purview, it is clear that the ad
    driven model has become the dominant model. Bits and
    bandwidth and servers do cost money, don't they?

    These issues, generally, have been discussed and
    legislated previously, and I expect that similar royalty
    arrangements may be arrived at, if the interested parties
    will get out in front of this issue, and defuse the egregious
    nature of the free speech concerns raised by so many.
    We have huge industries at the table here, so I am
    hoping that rationality and naked self interest will
    force all parties to give a little bit in their stances.

    This does not preclude a fuller and broader discussion
    of the nature and impact of technology, and its effects on
    our admittedly industrial era patent and copyright legacy.
    I believe it was established to foster progress and growth
    in the arts and sciences in our constitution years ago.
    Perhaps a re examination of the fundamentals are in order.

    Does anyone really believe here that we can have
    the lawless wild west and the infrastructures of
    civilization at the same time? Is that what freedom means?

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