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  •  I tried not to varnish anything about (1+ / 0-)
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    the times.  If I was asked a specific question, I answered as completely as I knew the facts to be (through my personal history and academic experience).  That's probably why I was employed only one, or two, semesters.  The one thing I did varnish a bit was the general cruelty inflicted upon the slaves.  Since my forte is architecture, I focused primarily on that aspect of the site.  But, I did have to take tourists out to the grave site.  I told the tourist, that the kid was caught, tried and hung as a spy - that was a fact.  Didn't say whether it was right or wrong.  Most of the tourists were just passing through, mainly business in Nashville, or brought by other family.

    The unsided log cabin building was being hauled onto the site when I was working there.  It's not an absolute fact that that building really was the house Sam Davis was born in.  Since I was into preservation, I had issues with the site in general.  Just about everything besides the 'big' house had been moved around a bit.  Takes everything out of context for that site - couldn't talk about that - it would have just gone over the tourists' heads anyway.

    I had a few of my own paranormal experiences at the place as well.  Mostly, small things moved, or an odd feeling of being watched.

    I like going to many museums of many types.  But, with my history and experience, I take most of what the docent says with a very large grain of salt.  I grew up around the world as a military kid and always had an interest in history and architecture.  Spent 3.5 years in northern Japan and 3.5 years in southern Italy and came back to the US when I was 10 (getting stuck in Biloxi for 8 years).  I have a bachelor's degree in architecture and am 4 classes and a thesis short of a master's in historic preservation.

    If you read military history, architectural (which gets political) history, and social history, you can filter out much of the BS given by the docents.  But, you are correct there is a huge amount of money involved with this tourism.

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