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  •  I think there are aspects to this (2+ / 0-)
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    blacksnake, Wes Clark Democrat

    that are not being considered.

    Sure, from within the two-party context, Americans-Elect seems like just another hurdle to surmount.  Moving x's and o's around the polling numbers....

    But, to independents and those disaffected by the two-party system, A-E may seem like a way to fundamentally reform the corrupt American political system:  remember all the corporate money, Citizen's United, special interests, etc. etc.

    A-E is getting ballot access in 50 states.  All someone has to do is to win the online poll, and jump through whatever hoops the A-E politburo puts up and they are good to go.  

    This is a fundamental challenge to the party process that dominates American politics, and it uses the Internet as its organizing principle.  There are aspects to this that could be game-changers for the political parties, and I think a wider discussion at this point is warranted.

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    by Mi Corazon on Sun Jan 01, 2012 at 07:43:22 PM PST

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    •  AE is a trojan horse of sorts (1+ / 0-)
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      if you ask me. It could be a game-changer allright, but not a good one.

      See this diary

      and also this from Michael Medved at

      While expressing the frustrations of many patriotic Americans who feel deeply disgusted at the current state of our partisan gridlock, honest advocates for a fresh insurgent party ought to acknowledge that they can’t possibly advance their agenda without first abolishing the Electoral College.
      The worst possible outcome for new Third Party initiatives would be to generate enough support to worsen, not cure, the dysfunctional and divisive operation of our federal government. The best conceivable outcome (and by far the most likely result) would be another irrelevant and distracting race that abused the faith of dedicated followers and contributors in one more complete, pathetic waste of time.

      the article has a thorough analysis that I think is pretty much spot-on. Would be curious to know if anyone thinks A-E is still helpful after reading M Medved's assessment.

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