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  •  unbelievable (3+ / 0-)
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    mk3872, BigDuck, askew

    You mean there are progressives who would vote for Ron Paul based upon his position on legalizing marijuana?  Seriously?

    No wonder we haven't been able to accomplish anything like taking back Wisconsin.

    What are we doing here if we can't even make it clear to progressives that there are things more important than legalizing pot? Do they also think that the reason the Occupy Movement is good is because of the drum circles?  What are we, children?

    This article, and the notion that there are a bunch of "progressive" undergrads (of all ages) who would actually cast a vote for Ron Paul has really depressed me.

    •  You're just scratching the surface ... (1+ / 0-)
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      ... Paul also has called SS & Medicare un-Constitutional. He wants to eliminate the EPA and Dept of Education and roll-back the Civil Rights Act.

      But because DK & "progressives" are supposedly ticked-off at Obama under-performing on civil liberties, we're supposed to vote for Paul.

      In other words, Obama is bad because of his record on civil liberties, but forget about all the things that Paul is wrong that we supposedly value @ DK.

      Unbelievable indeed.

      •  or all the things Obama (2+ / 0-)
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        JeffW, askew

        has done right...Yes, I have my disagreements and disappointments but I also  have a much beloved relative who would probably be in a wheelchair if it were not for the infusion of money into Medicaid from the stimulus package. Rides a bike these days...

        Ron Paul...well I used to think he was pathetic...(sorry that does seem a bit mean) I think he's just disgusting...oh not to mention the civil liberties and rights  supported by the Civil Rights Act which he opposes...

        you are right..unbelievable...

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