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  •  Rec'd for the name, but ur wrong on how it hurts. (1+ / 0-)
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    Serious 3rd parties always take disproportionately from the incumbent historically, and usually end up electing the challengers. See, 1912(Taft/TR/Wilson), 1948(the Dixie-crats voters whould have voted D or not at all), 1968(Wallace elected Nixon), 1980(Anderson took from Carter, though was so insignificant it didn't matter), 1992(Perot), 2000(Nader).  

    I can not think of a single modern Pres election where a serious 3rd candidate helped the incumbent.  And I'd bet my bottom dollar the the $ behind 'A/E' knows and intends it to have just that effect on BO - i.e., defeat him.

    Hell, just the hubris of the name: a cabal claims to be the 'electors' for American despite tens of millions of actuall voters actually voting in actual elections, i.e., actually Electing nominees.

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