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  •  Oh yes, how condescending. Since I've been working (0+ / 0-)

    in electoral and governing politics since I was able to vote, 36 years ago, one of my majors 37 years ago was poli-sci, I worked with polling pioneers, in campaigns from local to President, in governance, for elected officials and in groups that tried to work and refrom those from the outside.

    so, of course, you no doubt have superior... intuition?  

    You sure don't have any data.

    And as I said in a prior post, and as you continue to willfully ignore, there a literally libraries of books written from gigatonnes of real world data that support my position.  Yours.. not so much.  Go read some.  It would do you good.

    P.S. Your 'definition' of party is so narrow and so perfectly tailored to support your argument to that exclusion of all else, even contrary data and history, and so foreign to how it is actually defined, that I am tempted to think you simply don't know what you're talking about and just chose to try a cheap - and sophomoric - debating trick.  But, you'd no doubt call that 'condescending'.

    PPS: I would also suggest that your frustration at the results of the system might be due to your self-defeatingly narrow definition.  If you think parties or politics ends on election night... boy are you doomed to be forever disappointed.

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