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View Diary: Compassionate conservatism? An open letter to Newt Gingrich from the child of a janitor (191 comments)

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  •  Wonderful diary, moving tribute (1+ / 0-)
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    I especially appreciate how nuanced you are when it counts--and how blunt you are when that's called for, too.

    My grandparents were all working class (autoworkers and  housekeeper/nanny) except for my paternal grandmother, who sold ads for the Polish Daily News and always put on airs. On my mother's side, I was the first girl to go to college, and for my maternal cousins and their children, I think the girls still haven't had a chance to pursue higher ed.  So my life experience has been complicated. But I will say that the values of mutual support and solidarity are often much stronger for people with working-class backgrounds, who really know what hard work is (and how vulnerable we all are, at least us in the 99%).

    I am going to follow you now. Thanks for a great call-out.

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