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  •  what kind of (13+ / 0-)

    bullshit report is that?

    I followed the link to have a peek at the "report" and got no further than the very first paragraph of the foreword - where they write about Iran:

    For a state that has formed its national
    security policy largely around terrorism ...

    OK people can stop reading right there. That is not serious. That passes for "analysis" in today´s America? I hope not!

    and oh there is this sentence right behind that, which I wondered about, cited in the diary,

    Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons is
    unacceptable for these and other reasons

    so which are these reasons then?

    It will unquestionably change
    American foreign and national security policy profoundly
    for the foreseeable future and introduce a
    source of permanent unease into a region and a world
    already suffering from more than enough worry
    and distress.

    Really??? America should go to war because someone in the world introduces a bit more of unease and distress?

    How is this "report" not simply laughed off the table?

    One could not  believe this and maybe this is just a particularly badly stitched-together foreword (in this horrible americano style sentence stitching that makes my toenails grow inwards). OK, one more peek into the "key findings", there they must have surely put down something to impress the readers?

    Even without a nuclear weapon, Iran is
    difficult to deter: its diffuse leadership
    structures and constant domestic power
    struggles make it hard to determine which
    individual leaders, groups of leaders and
    institutions should be the objects and targets
    of deterrence. Furthermore, the Iranian
    approach to military power is a highly
    asymmetrical strategy that substitutes
    nuclear weapons, irregulars, proxies, and
    terrorism for conventional strength.

    Oh, OK. Constant domestic power struggles, kind of like in the US. Hard to deter. Man! How did the Soviets ever succeed in deterring the US then. (And they beat off Hussein by what, if we remember?)

    well, that text is not worth wasting any more time on.

    •  What kind of (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      marsanges, BigAlinWashSt

      Could not agree more.
      Independently, I posted this comment:
      What are they talking about?  Wasn't it the spread of communism that we were trying to contain.  What exactly is the equivalent with Iran?  This is just BS smothered in caramelized verbiage.  

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